the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being included as part of the new season

Epic Games’ typical lead-up, the daily teasers have already begun. As always, they offer an incoherent mashup of ideas that we’ll eventually see in the new season. For now, we’re left wondering what could possibly connect pirates with fire snakes fortnite v buck generator.

Is the theme Pirates vs. Snakes?

On Sunday, the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being included as part of the new season’s theme. Not only does an accompanying riddle mention “treasure,” “loot,” and the phrase “‘X’ Marks The Spot,” but the image shown with a red background is that of a pirate’s hook hand. This teaser confirmed a Season 8 start date of Thursday, February 28.

Epic Games also released a second, very similar teaser on Monday morning. The same red background instead shows a serpent of some kind, maybe a cobra. “Sssomething shimmers / Within the cave…” it reads, also hinting at some kind of treasure. “But beware of those / Who arrive on waves.” also sounds like it could be related to pirates.

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