Since Apex Legends came out, Fortnite has pushed through a lot of updates.

While many fans fight over the rivalry between the two games, both are actually pushing the other developer to make their game the best it can be.

Both games do some things better than the other. One of those small areas where Apex may have an improved system is in the hitmarkers.

In Fortnite, players only have the change from blue shield pings to health pings and on-the-fly math to figure out how much health an opponent has.

In Apex, the hitmarkers stack showing the total amount of damage a player has done to their opponent.

Canadian fortnite v buck generator Battle Royale YouTuber and Streamer Nick Eh 30 suggested this on Twitter and it makes a lot of sense.

Nick Eh 30@NickEh30

In Fortnite, when you get hit-markers with damage numbers, it’d be awesome if the damage numbers added up (like Apex Legends)

1st hit – 22
2nd hit- 44
3rd hit – 66
4th hit – 88

Just a quicker way to call out how much damage you dealt to an enemy than doing the math in your head3,48310:51 AM – Feb 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy428 people are talking about this

There are a couple of benefits to having damage work this way. Mostly it comes down to communication. Because Apex is a squad-based game without solo or duo modes being able to effectively communicate damage is more important.

With Fortnite solos, it is pretty easy to estimate how much damage needs to be done, especially if you have been playing the game for a while.

But in Duo and Squads, everyone has had the moment where a teammate calls out a damage number (He’s one shot!) that turns out to be less than accurate.

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