Not long after discovering this bug, Rockstar Games patched the exploit

Late last month, players discovered an interesting bug in GTA Online involving Lester. In GTA Online, players can pay a fee to call Lester and request an airplane. If this fails for whatever reason, the money is refunded to the player. Fans figured out that if they did a few things while making this request, they could trigger an exploit that would cause the refund to keep being sent to them for as long as they wanted.

According to GTA data miner Tezfun2, the bug worked by breaking Lester’s scripting. Players would park in a car inside a hangar at the airport located in Southern San Andreas. They would then call Lester while hitting the gas pedal at the same time. Doing this near a plane spawn location, which there is one located in the hanger, caused the game to start giving players $2000 every few seconds. As long as players stayed in the area and didn’t leave that session, the money would keep coming.

This quickly became a popular way to make a lot of cash. Players shared photos of sessions where everyone was hanging out at the hanger, making money and chilling.

Lester became a beloved hero in the GTA community. Fans began sharing memesand stories about how much they loved the hacker turned money gifting saintand his money hangar.

Not long after discovering this bug, Rockstar Games patched the exploit. The patch, as Tezfun2 explained to me, fixed this bug by changing how corrupted data works in GTA Online. The game would now clear this data faster, making the money loop impossible. Or so Rockstar thought. Quickly after the patch, players discovered a new way to get the money train rolling again.

Using a Mobile Operations Center, players could block two spawn locations and then call Lester. This would cause the planes to be unable to spawn, thus resulting in a refund and the money exploit was back in action.

This didn’t last long. On Thursday, Feb 28, 2019, Rockstar made another change to GTA Online to stop the Lester bug. This one was more simple and seems to have fully stopped the bug. They removed the cost of locating a plane. So there is no money to refund, thus no more money for Lester to give. The community mourned the end of Lester’s gift.

What is interesting about this particular bug is that according to Tezfun2, this isn’t a new bug. Technically this bug has been possible in GTA 5 APK Online for years. It was only recently discovered and shared with the community. He believes that there are other similar bugs waiting to be found in GTA Online.

if you are trying to get V-bucks outside of that ecosystem you are probably going to get scammed

Players do not have to pay to jump into the battle royale mode of “Fortnite,” an aspect of the online game that has helped it become a phenomenon. But publisher Epic Games constantly adds new costumes, or “skins,” and character animations called “emotes” that players can purchase to accessorize their game. The company also posts warnings in the game about not sharing your login information.

“I would say there is a pretty good chance that if you are trying to get V-bucks outside of that ecosystem you are probably going to get scammed,” said Sierra Filucci, editorial director at Common Sense Media, where she tracks parental issues for games and multimedia.

A massive player audience of more than 200 million – across multiple platforms including smartphones, computers, and game systems such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and most recently, Nintendo Switch – and its young demographic makes “Fortnite” a target for criminals. Epic sells official V-bucks and upgrades free v bucks no verification within the game, as does Microsoft and Sony within its Xbox Live and PlayStation Network online game services.

But other unofficial vendors can be found on social media, on websites and in chat sessions on the popular Twitch streaming service, where you can watch seasoned players compete. These unauthorized sellers bring with them an element of danger, cybersecurity experts say.

“Buying V-bucks outside the official stores doesn’t necessarily mean the user will get scammed,” said Benjamin Preminger,  cyber-threat intelligence specialist with Sixgill, a cybersecurity firm in Netanya, Israel. “A more serious side of it is that you’re potentially party to a crime,” such as buying a stolen account or unknowingly contributing to money laundering, he said.

The amount of risk of being ensnared in other scams depends on the type of scam, Preminger said. “The damage to the victim could be anything from a simple case of losing access to your ‘Fortnite’ account to the criminal use of any credit cards attached to the account to commit carding fraud,” he said.

It’s not unusual that “Fortnite,” launched in September 2017, would draw a criminal element. The game is a cash-generating enterprise that produced as much as $3 billion in profit last year for privately-held publisher Epic Games, as reported recently by TechCrunch.

Season 8 comes on the heels of the Overtime Challenges

Season 7 will conclude at 1am PT on February 28 and downtime for the 8.00 patch will begin immediately after. Patch notes detailing any new weapons, map changes, or gameplay alterations will be released by Epic as soon as downtime begins.

Downtime between updates typically lasts about an hour, but Epic has confirmed this is a larger patch and downtime will take longer.

Any replays saved before the update will be rendered useless after downtime concludes. Unlockable styles for outfits from the Season 7 Battle Pass can still be unlocked during Season 8 as long as the base skins were unlocked prior to the new season.

Teasers hinting at the theme of Season 8 were released throughout the last week. The first image showed a pirate hook, the second featured a snake, the third a beast, and the final teaser showed a volcano. Putting all four teaser images together formed a giant skull leading fans to believe Season 8 will revolve around pirates.

The Season 8 teaser after all the images were put together.

Season 8 comes on the heels of the Overtime Challenges, a new set of missions aimed to help players complete their Season 7 Battle Pass. Players who complete at least thirteen challenges will receive the Season 8 Battle Pass fortnite v bucks generator for free.

Epic recently shared details on the Fortnite World Cup. Players can qualify online this upcoming April where the top players will ultimately compete for a $100 million prize pool in New York City this July.Fortnite: Expedition Outpost Locations and Shooting Gallery (Season 7 Week 10)shareShareAutoplay setting: On0:55

Complete your Season 7 Weekly Challenges as today is the final day! Make sure to grab every hidden battle star and secret banner too.

the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being included as part of the new season

Epic Games’ typical lead-up, the daily teasers have already begun. As always, they offer an incoherent mashup of ideas that we’ll eventually see in the new season. For now, we’re left wondering what could possibly connect pirates with fire snakes fortnite v buck generator.

Is the theme Pirates vs. Snakes?

On Sunday, the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being included as part of the new season’s theme. Not only does an accompanying riddle mention “treasure,” “loot,” and the phrase “‘X’ Marks The Spot,” but the image shown with a red background is that of a pirate’s hook hand. This teaser confirmed a Season 8 start date of Thursday, February 28.

Epic Games also released a second, very similar teaser on Monday morning. The same red background instead shows a serpent of some kind, maybe a cobra. “Sssomething shimmers / Within the cave…” it reads, also hinting at some kind of treasure. “But beware of those / Who arrive on waves.” also sounds like it could be related to pirates.

Since Apex Legends came out, Fortnite has pushed through a lot of updates.

While many fans fight over the rivalry between the two games, both are actually pushing the other developer to make their game the best it can be.

Both games do some things better than the other. One of those small areas where Apex may have an improved system is in the hitmarkers.

In Fortnite, players only have the change from blue shield pings to health pings and on-the-fly math to figure out how much health an opponent has.

In Apex, the hitmarkers stack showing the total amount of damage a player has done to their opponent.

Canadian fortnite v buck generator Battle Royale YouTuber and Streamer Nick Eh 30 suggested this on Twitter and it makes a lot of sense.

Nick Eh 30@NickEh30

In Fortnite, when you get hit-markers with damage numbers, it’d be awesome if the damage numbers added up (like Apex Legends)

1st hit – 22
2nd hit- 44
3rd hit – 66
4th hit – 88

Just a quicker way to call out how much damage you dealt to an enemy than doing the math in your head3,48310:51 AM – Feb 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy428 people are talking about this

There are a couple of benefits to having damage work this way. Mostly it comes down to communication. Because Apex is a squad-based game without solo or duo modes being able to effectively communicate damage is more important.

With Fortnite solos, it is pretty easy to estimate how much damage needs to be done, especially if you have been playing the game for a while.

But in Duo and Squads, everyone has had the moment where a teammate calls out a damage number (He’s one shot!) that turns out to be less than accurate.

Epic could do a better job at educating their users on these malicious programs

The app in question promised to freely generate V-bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) while also delivering an aimbot that would give players an unfair advantage in firefights. Instead, it delivered a “man-in-the-middle” attack that altered webpage requests on users’ PCs by adding in tags for an ad service called Adtelligent.

Rainway filed an abuse report with the file host, and the file “was removed promptly” – but not before it was downloaded over 78,000 times, according to Rainway. The streaming service also contacted Adtelligent about the keys linked to the URLs but hasn’t heard back. Finally, it alerted all infected users and increased security to prevent future attacks of this nature.

The investigation began when Rainway “began receiving hundreds of thousands of error reports” on the morning of June 26. Since Rainway is an ad-free platform, the 381,000 attempts to call ad platforms, it knew there was an external actor causing a problem, and it soon discovered all the problems were tied to users who played Fortnite.

“While it should go without saying, I think you should not download random programs,” Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson wrote in the blog post. “An excellent personal security tip is that if something is too good to be true, you’re probably going to need to reformat your PC. It is hard to outright prevent people from being malicious, but that doesn’t mean its hard to prevent spread.”

Sampson went on to explain how he felt Epic Games can also contribute to preventing further cases similar to this fortnite v bucks generator one in the future.

“Epic could do a better job at educating their users on these malicious programs and helping them understand how airtight Fortnites systems are at preventing cheating. I’d also recommend they spend more time moderating YouTube to help take down these videos to avert a countless number of people from pwning themselves. Sometimes the allure of cheating is powerful, and a strong presence is needed to help push people in the right direction.”Fortnite: Dual Pistols Added and Playground LTM Mode Disabled!share

Fraudsters have long recognized that Fortnite is a virtual island

Fraudsters have long recognized that Fortnite is a virtual island of opportunities. Making (criminal) money out of Fortnite is as easy as taking a lollypop from a child, because, well, many of the 78 million active gamers ARE pretty young. And not that folks the age of World Cup footballers are any less likely to fall for the myriad of Fortnite scams running wild these days. Trust me – those criminals are quite good. The game, whose developers already raked over a billion dollars this year, has certainly attracted a lot of cybercrime attention.

So – why don’t we take a look at some of the latest and greatest Fortnite cyber attacks?

In March this year, many Fortnite players realized their account has been compromised, and unauthorised charges amounting to hundreds of dollars have been made on their Epic Games accounts. Someone was playing using their credentials in areas of the game they haven’t purchased, or with battle passes they haven’t bought.

The trick is simple: first, compromise the user’s credentials through phishing, vishing (voice based phishing), or malware. Then, access the account from a new device, download the game, and use the payment mechanisms stored in the account to purchase additional virtual goods. Finally, sell the credentials in an auction site, claiming you’re the legit owner, you’ve got the most advanced gear and plenty of V-Bucks credit, but you’re no longer interested in the game – so the buyer can just go ahead, purchase the credentials, change the password if they really feel like it (most of them won’t), and have fun.

It should be noted that the game developers may soon – if they haven’t already – use device binding to make sure only trusted devices can be used to order new fortnite v bucks generator or battle passes. But as the financial industry knows, trusted devices are… well… not to be THAT trusted.

Epic’s account-merging feature combines your purchases

Epic’s account-merging feature combines your purchases (and some game progress) to the account you use regularly, and deletes any other account you made because you had to. You can then use this primary account on any platform, since every version of Fortnite now allows for cross-platform play.

To merge your accounts, simply go to Epic’s Account Merge page and follow the instructions. I recommend picking which account you want to keep before you start, so you can make sure to log into it as the “Primary Account” during the first step of the merge process. You can only merge accounts tied to game console networks—PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch—that were used at least once before September 28, 2018. You also cannot merge banned or suspended accounts.

Merging accounts will transfer your V-Bucks and cosmetic items from Battle Royale. If you’ve been playing “Save The World,” you will bring over your secondary account’s XP, Heroes, Llamas, Defenders, Schematics, Survivors, Evolution and Perk Materials.

There are a few things that you cannot transfer to a new account, like your Battle Pass and maps made in creative mode. If you have a Battle Pass active or maps you want to keep on one platform, make sure to select it as your Primary Account to keep your work. Your account level and progress in “Save The World” will not transfer, either fortnite v bucks generator.

Don’t freak out if you don’t see new items and/or V-Bucks in your unified account right away. Epic said it takes two weeks for in-game items and V-Bucks to transfer from the secondary account to your primary account.