furtnite Players have discovered that it is possible to camber onto the Rune and stand a top of it

just the one rune has been spotted across the Fortnite island – with its initial starting point appearing in the area of Paradise Palms and Lucky Landing. Players have seen the rune move towards Fatal Fields, coming close to the Pirate Camp in the area, and also towards Shifty Shafts.

It has all slowly inched its way forward over the map, with its final destination appearing to be Loot Lake.

In the recent update, Loot Lake received a drastic overhaul and now looks like the site for some sort of experiment – with a metallic seal and multiple government vehicles now residing where chests and loot had previously spawned.

What is the endgame for the rune?

It’s unknown just what the item will ultimately reveal. Some players have theorized that it is to tie into the crossover with Marvel’s Avengers, but that is unconfirmed – despite Epic Gameshinting at the possibility not too long ago.

It remains to be seen just exactly what unfolds, however, it does seem to point towards some sort of in-game event.

Epic v buck generator has been known to trigger massive in-game events after a few days, sometimes even weeks, or teasing and slowing putting pieces into place. With Loot Lake getting a change, and this rune moving towards that location, it seems pretty likely that something will happen there.

Standing on the rune

Players have discovered that it is possible to camber onto the Rune and stand a top of it. However, once the mysterious item begins a slight movement, anyone standing on top of the Rune will be sent skywards.

Building by the Rune

As players are able to do damage to the item, despite its ever-growing health bar, some players have tried their best to build around the Rune in a bid to keep it locked into place.

However, if the Rune moves into the path of a build it will ultimately destroy it. Seeing as it is possible to get on top of the moving object, if you’re trying to do so it’s probably best to go behind it and drop down – otherwise, you risk falling to your death.

So, there you have it, everything we know – so far – about the mysterious Rune that has appeared in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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