Not long after discovering this bug, Rockstar Games patched the exploit

Late last month, players discovered an interesting bug in GTA Online involving Lester. In GTA Online, players can pay a fee to call Lester and request an airplane. If this fails for whatever reason, the money is refunded to the player. Fans figured out that if they did a few things while making this request, they could trigger […]

if you are trying to get V-bucks outside of that ecosystem you are probably going to get scammed

Players do not have to pay to jump into the battle royale mode of “Fortnite,” an aspect of the online game that has helped it become a phenomenon. But publisher Epic Games constantly adds new costumes, or “skins,” and character animations called “emotes” that players can purchase to accessorize their game. The company also posts […]

Season 8 comes on the heels of the Overtime Challenges

Season 7 will conclude at 1am PT on February 28 and downtime for the 8.00 patch will begin immediately after. Patch notes detailing any new weapons, map changes, or gameplay alterations will be released by Epic as soon as downtime begins. Downtime between updates typically lasts about an hour, but Epic has confirmed this is a larger patch and […]

the first Season 8 teaser clearly hinted at pirates being included as part of the new season

Epic Games’ typical lead-up, the daily teasers have already begun. As always, they offer an incoherent mashup of ideas that we’ll eventually see in the new season. For now, we’re left wondering what could possibly connect pirates with fire snakes fortnite v buck generator. Is the theme Pirates vs. Snakes? On Sunday, the first Season 8 […]

Since Apex Legends came out, Fortnite has pushed through a lot of updates.

While many fans fight over the rivalry between the two games, both are actually pushing the other developer to make their game the best it can be. Both games do some things better than the other. One of those small areas where Apex may have an improved system is in the hitmarkers. In Fortnite, players […]

Epic could do a better job at educating their users on these malicious programs

The app in question promised to freely generate V-bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) while also delivering an aimbot that would give players an unfair advantage in firefights. Instead, it delivered a “man-in-the-middle” attack that altered webpage requests on users’ PCs by adding in tags for an ad service called Adtelligent. Rainway filed an abuse report with the […]

Fraudsters have long recognized that Fortnite is a virtual island

Fraudsters have long recognized that Fortnite is a virtual island of opportunities. Making (criminal) money out of Fortnite is as easy as taking a lollypop from a child, because, well, many of the 78 million active gamers ARE pretty young. And not that folks the age of World Cup footballers are any less likely to […]

Epic’s account-merging feature combines your purchases

Epic’s account-merging feature combines your purchases (and some game progress) to the account you use regularly, and deletes any other account you made because you had to. You can then use this primary account on any platform, since every version of Fortnite now allows for cross-platform play. To merge your accounts, simply go to Epic’s Account Merge page and […]