Black Mirror’s fifth season will return to Netflix with three new episodes on June 5th

Black Mirror’s fifth season will return to Netflix with three new episodes on June 5th, and to promote the return of the series, it will release a trio of extremely short episodes on its América Latina YouTube channel. The three Little Black Mirror episodes will feature several YouTube stars from Latin America, according to Variety. Netflix approached the YouTubers ( Maia Mitchell, Rudy Mancuso, […]

Boom Beach is one of the most popular smartphone games across iOS and Android

Boom Beach is one of the most popular smartphone games across iOS and Android. Millions of players around the world play the game.  Boom Beach comes from gaming studios Supercell, the studio famous for developing games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.  Supercell is known for pushing out constant feature updates for its games to make sure […]

furtnite Players have discovered that it is possible to camber onto the Rune and stand a top of it

just the one rune has been spotted across the Fortnite island – with its initial starting point appearing in the area of Paradise Palms and Lucky Landing. Players have seen the rune move towards Fatal Fields, coming close to the Pirate Camp in the area, and also towards Shifty Shafts. Read More: Epic Games announce release […]

Common Fortnite scams use V-Bucks, baiting gamers with “V-Bucks generator

The video game, rated suitable for children ages 12 and over, has attracted gamers across the planet as well as clever scammers looking to take advantage. While the objective of the game is to survive, Ford and law agencies want parents and their kids to also look out for schemes that could seem to be […]

Epic Games revealed a cryptic teaser with only the words: “Ruin is Coming

Epic Games revealed a cryptic teaser with only the words: “Ruin is Coming”, seemingly indicating one of the large-scale events that we haven’t had all that much information about this season so far. Turns out, things were going in a different direction: this is actually the Season 8 challenge skin, which you unlock by completing […]

Fortnite pirate camp location so that you can find and kill your opponents there

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8, Week 5 is now officially live and with it yet another batch of weekly challenges to sink your pirate hooks into. Avast me hearties, ’tis time to earn Battle Stars and level up your Battle Pass. Complete 55 weekly challenges and you’ll unlock the secret Discovery Outfit. See all Week 5’s […]

World Cup is going to be the biggest Fortnite tournament of the year

World Cup is going to be the biggest Fortnite tournament of the year, and Epic has announced how players can compete for their spots. The tournament will be open to any Fortnite v bucks generatorplayer. The only caveat is that you have to make it through the rigorous qualifying process. The World Cup qualifiers start on April 13 and will continue for 10 […]

Drew McCoy, executive producer of Apex

Respawn designers originally developed a battle-royale mode for Titanfall 2, but chose not to release it, according to Drew McCoy, executive producer of Apex. Like many in the industry two summers ago, Respawn designers were caught up in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the first widely successful battle-royale game, and developed an every-man-for-himself prototype of Apex. “It was […]

Sony turned on cross-play as an opt-in beta for Fortnite on the PS4 last fall, but the latest v8.10 patch

Players will still technically have to opt in to agree to play against players on the opposite console. But Epic Games isn’t really leaving players much of a choice: the ones who don’topt in will be limited to just Creative Mode and Playgrounds.PLAYERS WHO DON’T OPT IN WILL BE LIMITED TO JUST CREATIVE MODE AND PLAYGROUNDS Along with […]

NVIDIA have provided statistics which appear to prove that having higher FPS in games like Fortnite and PUBG

Does having higher frames per second (FPS) and refresh rate really make a major improvement on your performance in shooter games? Well, of course that’s what NVIDIA, the biggest graphics card manufacturers, would want you to believe, but now, they have provided the evidence to support this claim. NVIDIA’s top of the range card, the […]